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With Sportsbetting, as the English betting on sports is also called, you bet on the result or an event in a competition and in fact this is possible with all sports. Online sports betting is also very popular these days and there are various online casinos that offer this form of betting.

The nice thing is that you can place a bet for every sport and for almost every competition event. With your sports knowledge and insight you can therefore earn money! You can read all about it in this article.

Different types of sports betting

In the UK you will find almost every book corner where you can take out a sports bet. For the most popular sports such as football, formula 1, darts, basketball, ice hockey, golf, rugby and tennis, most sports bets are also placed. Football betting is the most closed sports betting.

You can also bet on sports such as snooker, horse racing, motorcycle race, badminton, surfing, volleyball, water polo or chess. Betting on tennis is becoming very popular.

Odds of winning and betting

Sports betting is generally fairly simple and therefore also accessible to everyone. It works as follows: you bet money on a prediction about a match result or an event.

Suppose you place a bet on the number of transfers for a certain club in a certain season and your prediction comes true, then you win back the bet times the odds. The Quotation, also known as the Odds, is the profit percentage that you will receive if your prediction is correct.

In fact, this is a number that is based on the probability that your prediction will come true and the profit factor associated with it. If you bet on the outcome of a football game, there are 3 options, namely: 1 (win for party 1), X (tie) and 2 (win for party 2). If the chances are that club 1 is going to win, the Odds for this will logically be low. After all, there is a good chance that this club will win (again) and there is a lower profit if you have predicted this correctly. If you bet on the game with the lowest winning odds or bet on a tie, the Odds will usually be a lot higher because the chance of this is also smaller.

An example in which we explain the Odds:
Competition: Club 1 – Club 2
Odds: 1 = 1.34, x = 3.10, 2 = 7.80.

In this example, the probability that Club 1 will win is the greatest and the Odds therefore the lowest. If you bet on Club 2 and this team nevertheless wins, you can count on an Odds of 7.80. If you have bet 100 euros, you will receive 100 x 7.80 = 780 euros for your prediction in this sports bet.

Live betting

You can also gamble on events in competitions. Think of the number of red cards in a football match, 180’s at darts or the number of minutes that a tennis match will last. The Olympic Games, the European Championship, World Cup and other games can also be used, so there is an attractive bet for everyone to test your knowledge of sport and your luck with.

Most bets are on the so-called Single Bets, which is also called the 1 × 2. You bet on the result of a competition where 1 winner or draw is possible. Another variant is the Draw / No Draw sports bet where there is a bet on the chance that the match will end with a draw.

The Handicap Bet is the odd man out, because you are betting on a match result in which there is an imaginary lead for one of the two teams. Usually the team with the lowest chances of winning gets this lead. For example: Team 1 plays against Team 2 with the latter getting a 2 point lead. So it’s basically 0 -2 already and if you bet on winning for Team 1, then this team will have to score at least 3 goals.

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