Online BlackJack Guide


As a table game, online blackjack is one of the most popular games within the online casino industry. One of the main reasons that makes blackjack a very popular game is the fact that it gives the player a challenge rather then luck. Also adding to it’s popularity  is the fact that it’s a very simple game to play while the odds of winning are quite high compared to other table games.

Just like the normal Blackjack, everything goes around the number 21 in the online version of blackjack. Both the dealer and the player’s hand, individually, need to get as close as possible to score 21 from their respective hand. Whoever gets the highest score wins the round, as simple as that!. In case the player or dealer scores more than 21 in total cards value, his hand is declared bust and his opponent wins the round.

Further in this guide we are going to show you how to properly play blackjack by following all the blackjack rules together with a free blackjack game to help you practice and understand exactly what this exciting game is all about.

Online BlackJack Card Values

  • The ace card value is either 1 or 11 points in blackjack, depends on your hand requirements at that point in the game. (The Ace card is the one with the letter A on it)
  • All face cards are worth 10 points, irrelevant which one. (Face cards are the J – Jack, Q – Queen, K– King)
  • The rest of the cards have their own face value.

How To Play Online BlackJack

First off, you start by placing your bets on the blackjack table and as soon as that is done, the dealer gives you two cards and another two cards will go to himself. One of the dealer’s card will be facing upwards while keeping the other facing down. You however, will be able to see both of your cards to determine the score amount in your hand. From this point you will have to make one of these decisions (explained below in BlackJack Rules) based on the amount of points you have at hand and to get as close as 21 but without exceeding it.

Online BlackJack Rules

As mentioned earlier, you are constantly making decision in blackjack and these are the decisions you will have to take while playing.

  • Stand – No more cards are to be taken.
  • Hit – Instructing the dealer to give you another card.
  • Double Down – Double the initial bet by 100%
  • Split – If both of your cards are the same then you are allowed to split your hand in two and both are treated as an independent hand with both having also your full initial bet. The dealer will give you an additional card to your first hand while you complete this hand before proceeding to the other hand.
  • Surrender – Not all casinos offer this option, however when you surrender you will be returning your cards to the dealer together with half of your bet while you retain the other half.

That is basically all you need to know about online blackjack basics and a good start to get you going. In this online blackjack guide we are also including a cheat sheet that will also help you in your decisions when playing online blackjack. Follow this cheat sheet while practicing for free on our blackjack game below and we can assure you that you will be a pro in no time!

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